Tea Gift Basket

Tea for Two Gift Basket

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As I create this Tea for Two Gift Basket, I am transported to a time in England as a small girl when my Grandmother would set the table for friends. Taking time and great detail to make sure that the afternoon will be a special time for her friends to share of the events of their life, since they last got together.

The smell of the scones, the tea brewed at the perfect temperature, home made jams, sweet Devonshire cream filled the room.  The women would arrive one by one in sun dresses, white cotton gloves and of course their favorite hat.

ie: The British love of hats is in a league of its own, while many countries have a ‘national hat,’  – the Americans often associated with baseball caps, and the French the beret – The British hat wearing tradition embraces different classes, sexes and styles and has been on-going for centuries. Hat types including the bowler, boater, flat (Ascot) cap, Cricket cap, Deerstalker (popularised by the iconic literary image of Sherlock Holmes) and the Porkpie hat are all steeped in British history.

This Gift Basket will be a gift your favorite friend will love for years!!!

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